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"Be still and know that I am God! I will be honored by every nation. I will be honored throughout the world". Psalm 46 vs 10

Today is 4/25/2020, which makes it a day before my younger sister's birthday. Unfortunately, I will not be able to call her and wish her a happy birthday or even call to say hi because in 2015, the time came for her to leave this world and go be with God.

You see, this year will make it 5 years she left us and I will tell you it was not easy to deal with at first, my faith was tested and I almost gave up believing in God. But, when my faith was down, his grip became tighter, he held onto me like I never felt before. I say this now, not because I understood it then, but looking back from where I am today, I can only say it has been the grace of God that has brought me this far.

I remember ushering in 2020 with great expectations. I could feel the joy, hope, anticipation in the voice of everyone I spoke to about their 2020 plans. We never expected that the world will experience an uproar of uncertainties, pain, loss, grief and fear. In difficult times like this, it is easy to give up and say, there is no God. It is easy for us to get caught up in our fears and worries, that we forget to take a minute to listen to God talking to us, to see God stretching a helping hand to us, to allow ourselves to be used to achieve God's work.

I was raised a christian and was taught to believe in God no matter what. Today, I do not only choose to believe in God because I was raised that way, but I have chosen to believe in God because I have experienced the power of God in MANY areas of my life especially during times of uncertainties.

In the present time, the world is dealing with a Novel Virus, COVID-19. I believe COVID-19 did not happen without God knowing it would happen. Do you think anything happens without his approval? While many of us are experiencing pain, loss, disappointment, delays, stress, discomfort and whatever we may be feeling during this period, believe that God has been working, still working and will continue to work to see that his will prevails in our lives. There are still reasons to be thankful and to remain hopeful in our time of pain and uncertainties. This too shall pass!

"A great storm is like a sunny day to a person of great faith. A gentle wind is like a great storm to a person of great fear." by Matshona Dhliwayo

It is often hard for one to see clearly driving in a stormy weather, but once the storm is over, which usually happens, then everything becomes clear again. Same principle applies to our life. When we are going through life difficulties and uncertainties, it is often hard to see past our fears and worries, but once the difficult times are over or the uncertain becomes certain, things start to make sense to us. The only thing you can control during a storm is your ATTITUDE! You can decide to stay calm and go through the storm or you give up and let the storm overwhelm you and when it passes, its effect still holds you down. So how do you deal with your fears and worries during difficult and uncertain times.

Challenge Yourself:

Can you find peace amidst the storms that threatens you today?

Here are some of the things to do during difficult times and uncertainties.

  1. Let go and Let God, don't try to control everything your way, take a step back and take a deep breathe, knowing God is in control.

  2. Always speak positive into your situation even when you don't see it or believe it.

  3. Be grateful for what you have or where you are, the truth is, there will be other peoples problem you would rather not have.

  4. Take a walk, a drive, go be alone and do what gives you peace.

  5. Show Love to someone, be kind to others, forgive someone who is not deserving of your forgiveness.

  6. Talk to someone, often times, God speaks through others during our difficult times.

  7. Remember, not matter what, the storm will pass. So make the best out of the stormy weather.

PRAYER: Lord, while there seem to be chaos around me and the world at large, Please help us to be still and know that you are God. Help us to know that you are in control, no matter how things may seem. Amen

Help someone who may be going through a difficult time today. Leave a word of encouragement or better still, give suggestions of what one can do to help get through difficult times. Thanks.

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