Why Us?

Bridge health services is committed to closing the gaps to your access to mental health resources, optimizing your mental well being by increasing mental health awareness and literacy in our community, decreasing negative stigmas and empower individuals. The idea to start this practice is not based on providing traditional mental health practice.  We ALL have a significant part to play during our time here on Earth. Bridge health services is founded not only to help diagnose and prescribe medications but to help provide our clients with PURPOSE, to instill HOPE, encourage FAITH, show LOVE, bring JOY, EMPOWER you, GUIDE you and above all, help you optimize your mental well-being. At bridge health services, we view our patients as FAMILY.   


Our Mission

Our mission is to educate our patients and family about mental health disorder, encourage treatment and empower our patients to take charge of their mental health. Patients must be given insight to the nature of their problems and identify triggers in order to modify them so as to be able to achieve a therapeutic response to their treatment. 

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that mental health disorders are related to chemical imbalance in our brain, as well as a response to environmental factors such as stress from family, work, health, finances etc. To achieve a stable mental health or achieve a therapeutic response to treatment, a treatment plan formulated to address both the chemical imbalance and environmental factors will yield the greatest response to treatment. 

Our Patients

Our patients are individuals suffering from symptoms of Depression, Anxiety, Sleep problems, Mood disorder, ADHD (Children and adult), Post Traumatic Stress disorder (Acute or Chronic), Anger/Rage, Schizophrenia, Substance abuse and others.

Our patient population include:

  • Kids from age 5 through 18

  • Adults from ages 18 and older

  • Pregnant and Nursing Mothers

  • Bridge health services does not discriminate against patients based on the race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or Socio-economic status, we are here for everyone.