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        Your Mental Health is a PRIORITY, Your happiness is ESSENTIAL, your self-care is a NECCESSITY.
        You do not have to do it alone. Bridge health services will work with you and a multidisciplinary team
        to address your areas of concern. 

          We provide services such as; 
                Drug Addiction Treatment,
                Depression and Suicide prevention
                Anxiety treatment
                Adult and Child ADHD treatment and many more,
     So take charge of your mental health TODAY and make that call to begin the journey to your Mental Wellbeing. 
Stable Mental Health Starts with You!
Here's What Our Clients Say About Us...

"If I could give her a 100 Stars I would. I was initially diagnosed with ADHD in my teen years by another physician, and Ritalin & Adderall we're not for me. So with therapy I was able to live a life without medication, until balancing motherhood & my full-time career hit HARD. I came to her thinking that hey it wouldn't hurt to try them again, only to find out that I didn't have ADHD and something completely different! Discovering my true diagnosis was definitely life-altering, but now here I am almost a year later, and my quality of life has changed drastically. I'm a focused person, my marriage is better, my work life is better and most importantly I'm a better mom and all-around person. I'm so so so thankful to have found her. You cannot go wrong by choosing to Dr. Ngozi Ugwu! Trust me!"   Life Altering – May 15, 2020

"She listens and explained everything. Never feels rushed" I'm a Mother – Mar 10, 2020

"She was kind, insightful, listening, I highly recommend her. She did not push prescription, approves natural ways to help patient"   KS – Oct 31, 2019