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Bridge Health Services is dedicated to the treatment of adult and pediatric patients with neurobehavioral and psychiatric disorders. We also provide substances use disorder treatment.

Psychologist Session

Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation

A psychiatric evaluation is designed to diagnose emotional, behavioral, or developmental conditions or disorders.

This evaluation will explore many aspects including developmental history, medical history, family history, social and environmental influences, academic/work concerns, and emotional and cognitive (thinking) strengths and weaknesses in order to arrive at the right diagnosis and formulate a personalized treatment plan.

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Medication Management

Medication management appointment are usually to evaluate your response to medications prescribed. This is when you discuss possible side-effects, if any with your provider. Also, this is also an opportunity to discuss new symptoms that you are experiencing. You and your provider will the decide if there needs to be a treatment change. 

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Psychotherapy is usually performed with your medication management if you have external issues that you believe is affecting your mental well-being. If needed, at the discretion of the provider, you may be provided a referral for more extensive psychotherapy session. 

Other Services Provided

Substance Abuse Treatment

We offer services to help you or your loved one struggling with substance abuse. We offer Suboxone treatment for opioid abuse/dependence, Naltrexone Oral (Opioid and Alcohol Abuse), Vivitrol Injection (Opioid and Alcohol abuse). We also assist patients who would like to be tapered off Benzodiazepine. 

Long Acting Injections

We offer alternative treatment from daily oral medications for patients struggling with medication compliance for diagnosis of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Long acting injections help you stay compliant with your treatment without the fear of forgetting to take your daily pill(s).  

Other Services

Pre-Surgical Clearance Evaluation

  • Spinal Cord Stimulator

  • Top and Bottom Surgery

  • Bariatric Surgery

Paperwork Completion for established     patients only (At least three visits)

  • FMLA 

  • Support Animal Letter

  • Others (please call the office with questions)

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